Upcoming Projects


After the Wildfires (2021)

Over the course of a summer that will change their lives forever, three young friends explore love, intimacy and freedom.

Medium length short film | Director: Ramy Raphaël | Writer: Mark Templin | Stars: Etienne Lapointe, Brianna Orange and Mackenzie Reese

Status: Production


Acta Non Verba (2022)

A young couple face a heartbreaking test of loyalty when the wrong phone leads to a devastating truth that tests the bonds of their secretive love affair.

Short film | Director: Ramy Raphaël | Writer: Drew Coster | Stars: Rickard Claeson and Rachell Vallori

Status: Pre-Production


Tales of Useless Beauty

An eccentric mystery man connects three seemingly unrelated stories: the story of a blood pact between a rising star and an evil producer; the story of a serial killer who preys on beauty queens; and the assassination of three climate activists at the hands of a dirty politician.

Short Film | Directed by Ramy Raphael | Written by Mark Templin | Produced by Maissa Houri

Status: Pre-production