After The Wildfires

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Best friends Jean, Rachel and Daniella spend their last summer after high school cycling, swimming and enjoying their freedom on the idyllic rural outskirts of their small town. For Jean and Rachel, friendship turns to love, leaving Daniella to face her own unresolved feelings. As this delicate dance becomes more intimate, they each learn more about themselves and their own unique sexuality. But their differences gradually create a friction that threatens their friendship. By the end of a tumultuous summer, what they each have learned about intimacy will shape the direction of their adult lives. “After the Wildfires” is a cinematic exploration of intimacy and heartache, identity and growth, freedom and beauty, in the complex social and emotional landscape of young adulthood.

Short film (unreleased)

Director and Producer
Ramy Raphael

Executive Producer
Ramy Raphael and Christopher Leblanc

Etienne Lapointe
Brianna Orange
Mackenzie Reese

Mark Templin
Ramy Raphael


September 24, 2021

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